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Saving you thousands of dollars on cooking equipment 

With over 30+ years of combined industry experience, we have worked with fresh and experienced restaurateurs to build out their entire kitchen, bar and dining room.

8 Reasons Why Customers Pick Us 

  • Helpful and knowledgeable experts to answer your questions

  • Competitive prices

  • Products at different price points

  • Free on site consultation

  • Free equipment assembly

  • Free equipment dumping

  • Free set in place delivery

  • We speak multiple languages

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Serving 4,000+ happy restaurants in the Bay Area

Outfit your professional kitchen properly! Inlcuding Turbo Air, German Knife, American Range, True Refrigeration, Beverage Air, Pitco, CaptiveAire, Amana, Southbend and more! With different sizes, configurations and grades of cooking equipment. 

We carry and special order from the brand name vendors. (Turbo Air,  True Refrigeration, Beverage Air)

From the common blenders, microwaves, rice cookers and toasters to the more specialized Panini grills and crepe machines, our selection of small appliances will cover all of your kitchen needs.

Perform all your food prep tasks safely and quickly with our selection of vegetable cutters, spice grinders, meat slicers, French fry cutters, food processors and blenders. 

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