How to Prepare Your Restaurant for Summer Pests

Source from: Food News Feed | by Tim Husen

How to Prepare Your Restaurant for Summer Pests

Pest infestation can create a health crisis in your restaurant. Rodents frequently defecate and urinate, spreading many diseases in the process. Cockroaches are more than an eerie aesthetic in your restaurant, as they are capable of spreading disease causing agents such as Salmonella bacteria. Preparing your restaurant for summer month pests will help your restaurant thrive through the season. These five areas of your restaurant can be a hotspot for pests, but with proper preparation, summertime pests will have to find another place to vacation.

1. The kitchen is where the magic happens. As both the primary food storage area and the site of all food prep surfaces/utensils, this area of your restaurant should have the strictest sanitation regimen and health hazard monitoring criteria. The pantry, storage room and dish-washing station are other important areas to monitor and keep tidy. <more>

2. The bathroom is another one of the most important places to prep for pests. Cockroaches thrive in dark, damp places such as the bathroom drains. Bathrooms typically provide them exactly what they are looking for, humid, light-free areas. <more>

3. The exterior areas of your restaurant are just as important as the inside. With a cool breeze and shade, guests always enjoy eating in a nice, well-monitored patio. But, with outdoor eating comes unwanted outdoor guests. Pigeons, squirrels and ants are just a few of the pests that will quickly pick up on the presence of food nearby. <more>

4. The lobby and dining rooms are the most visible areas of your restaurant to guests—all the more reason to keep them pest-free. With heavy traffic from wait staff and guests, keeping the floor constantly vacuumed and/or mopped is vitally important. Cleaning liquid spills thoroughly and immediately sweeping up food crumbs will help prevent rodents and insects from finding a free meal. <more>

5. The trash dumpsters or garbage compactor are an especially challenging area in terms of reducing pest attractions. From raccoons (or other wildlife pests) to flies, dumpsters present easy access for these pests, especially if not consistently monitored. The lid to your dumpster should always be closed, and a strict emptying schedule should be implemented to ensure over-filling never happens. <more>

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