25+ Best Restaurant & Cafe Website Designs (For Visual Ideas)

Source from: Business Tutsplus | by Brenda Barron

"When it comes to restaurant websites, presentation is everything, just like with your signature dish. An attractive website can not only take the photos of your dishes to the next level, it can help you attract more customers. After all, a restaurant that puts a lot of care into their website, is more than likely to put a lot of care into their meal preparation process."<Read whole article business.tutsplus.com>

"What Makes Visually Great Restaurant Websites?

We’ve mentioned the importance of an attractive restaurant website design. While design is highly subjective, make sure the text is easy to read and give the elements on your pages plenty of white space to avoid a cluttered look. You’ll also want to make sure your website is easy to navigate.

There are a few other features that top restaurant websites should have. In particular, those features are:

  • High-quality photos. Images play a large role on almost any website, but they’re of special importance on restaurant websites. If your images are high quality and present your dish in a creative way, chances are visitors will be more inclined to make a reservation. Don’t forget to include images of your interior as they can help portray the atmosphere of your establishment.

  • A menu list. Your website may say that you’re an Italian restaurant, but your customers still want to know what kind of Italian dishes you’re serving. Some of them may even want to see your prices, so consider adding those to your menu list as well.

  • Location and hours of operation. By adding your location and hours of operation, you’re making it easier for potential customers to find you. If you add a Google Map, they can even get directions, which is another point in your favor.

  • Online booking form. An online booking form is particularly useful if reservations are required. This saves hours that your staff would normally spend on the phone and allows them to focus on other tasks. It also makes it easy for potential customers to make a reservation even when they are in a place where they can’t talk on the phone.

  • Mobile friendly. You’ll want to make sure your website is responsive so visitors on mobile devices can see what you've got to offer and make a reservation, too.

  • Good template. Finally, if you use a template for your restaurant website make sure to choose a good one that incorporates many of the features above."

<Read whole article business.tutsplus.com>

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