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Menu Book

Your menu is probably the single most important sales and profit tool you’ve got. Many operators underestimate the role menus play in influencing guests’ selections and miss out on major sales and profit opportunities. A well designed menu can create a strong first impression, set the expectation for your restaurant, helps customer order quickly, and increase sales.


  • Sets the right tone for your restaurant

  • Helps customers order

  • Increases restaurant sales and profits

Hard Cover Menu

Hardcover menu is more traditional with an upscale look.

PVC Menu

PVC menus bring a modern look and are durable and versatile. It is a great addition to any restaurant. 

Pocket Menu

Pocket menu is an economy choice. Slide-in features make updating specials quick and easy.

PVC Sheet Menu

PVC sheet menu is the meal planner sheet, same as PVC menu book; modern and durable.



Menu Cover

One way to truly stand out from the competition is through custom menu covers. Build with style, elegance and taste, a custom menu cover offers a unique way to convey the specific look and feel you want for your restaurant. 

custom menu cover insert
single custom menu cover
custom menu cover special shape
custom menu hard cover
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Menu Board

The quality of the menu board can affect sales, profitability, and brand identity. The right menu board design can create the atmosphere and make choosing easy while also keeping lines short and people happy. 


  • Set the right tone for your restaurant

  • Promote specials and encourage certain selections

  • Help customers make quick purchase decisions


To-Go Menu

Everyone is busy these days and less inclined to cook. You can benefit from providing your customers with a handy take-out menu. You can hand them out or include copies in your delivery bags. When designing a take-out menu consider putting in a promotional coupon.


  • Perfect for introducing restaurants

  • Great for distributing coupons to attract new customers

  • Great way to get your customers to spread the word for you

  • Acquainting customers with take-out service


Table Top Menu

Tabletop menus are optimal for drawing the interest of your guest about specials and get promotional items noticed. They’re a convenient and efficient advertising method because you can quickly swap out old menus and as often as needed. 


  • Ideal for customers to find daily specials, food and drink specials

  • To advertise new or featured menu items

  • Display drink menu

  • Promote upcoming events & seasonal items


Digital Menu

Digital menu boards can help your business in many ways by influencing customers’ buying behaviors, enhancing your brand, scheduling your promotions to increasing cross-selling and up-selling. 


  • Capture customer’s attention day and night by bringing your brand to life

  • Effective at promoting specials and key items for your business

  • Can be used in many ways for cross-selling and up-selling


TV Slideshow

A digital TV slideshow is one of the most effective methods to impress your customers and market your menu. Your restaurant can display daily specials, promotions, and showcase newly introduced dishes. Products shown on digital displays typically have a higher number of orders placed.


  • Highly attractive visuals and gives a good impression of your restaurants

  • Promote specials and encourage certain selections

  • Help customers make quick purchase decisions

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